Why did I listen to your voicemails?


Please don’t get over me. Cause I can’t get over you.

I’m waiting for you to call.
Please just call me.
I miss you so much.

You just let me go so easily.

I just feel so empty.

I’ll never know what it’s like to feel your arms around me.
What it feels like to have your lips on mine.
I’ll never know anything.
What you feels like at 2am when you wrap yourself around me.
What you look like at 9pm after a hard day.
I’m sure you still look beautiful.
I’ll never know what it’s like to feel your hand in mine.
I’ll never feel you.
See you.
I’ll never know anything.

I’m not just losing my girlfriend, I’m losing my best friend.

I just want to wake up and all of this is just a bad dream.

"I was loving you, and you were killing me."

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